Consultation Booking

What awaits us?

With a consultation, you can share how you envision your Wed Story, outlining your specific requests and needs, as well as any doubts or concerns you may have

Only then will I be able to offer you personalized solutions, with adequate estimates and advice for the storytelling best suited to Your Wedding.

"Will we find the time?"

Since it is not always possible to physically go to an appointment, I decided to make my consultations more practical, with video calls with Google Meet (or other equivalent programs).

Not only will you be able to talk to me from the comfort of home, but you will also avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. (our planet appreciates it!🌍)

Furthermore (and this is a little secret 😉) on video I will be able to see your photogenic nature and already get an idea of which your best profiles are and how to enhance them!

(Few of my colleagues do this and this detail can give rise to unpleasant surprises, trust me!)

In order to get to know each other, and dedicate quality time, the "classic hour" is often not enough! For this reason, and to avoid "clock anxiety", all my consultations last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

It's the right time to book!

We tell Special Stories, YOURS too!