"Photography is truth, cinema is truth twenty-four times a second".
(Jean-Luc Godard)

1Where are you based? Would you travel to cover a wedding event?
I live in Lodi (Italy), but I have head offices in Milan and Piacenza. I cover all the Italian provinces, according to the circumstances.

I love traveling and the idea of ​​knowing new places to work fascinates me. I apply bonuses for couples who choose original places for their wedding, all over the world.
2Our wedding will be abroad, which languages do you speak?
I speak Italian, English and Spanish, but I also managed to film beautiful marriages in others languages.
3How long do we have to book a wedding in advance?
It is advisable to book at least 10 months in advance, but if your wedding will take place in the near future, and the date is available, it will be a pleasure to attend.
4Do you yourself make the videos?
Yes, I personally shoot and edit the Wed Stories, with the help of my working team.
5How do you decide the style of the our wedding video?
I generally talk to you (in person or via Skype), time before the wedding, to know your likes and demands. After the meeting, I organize the way I will shoot and edit the video. According to your personality, I will create your Wed Story, with my personal artistic vision.
6Which style do you use in your videos?
Thanks to my film training I take care of the images with a cinematographic look, both in the composition and in the chromatic aspect. In the editing phase, I always try to assemble a narrative line focused on emotions, with a romantic imprint. My style is, however, always in constant evolution.
7Do you shoot with drone?
Yes, in my team there are professional drone operators.
8How many people will come to our wedding to shoot the event?
Depending on the demands of the wedding, the team can be from 1 to 4 people.
9Do you allow other video-makers to film at our wedding?
As a professional video-maker, I demand the exclusivity of the shooting of the wedding, this is important for me to guarantee a high-quality level in the shooting and a clean work environment.

Of course, the relatives and friends of the spouses are allowed to shoot their own memories of the event with their smartphone, but respecting my working space.
10How long will our wedding video be?
I deliver two different Wed Stories:
1) A long version with a duration of about 30 minutes.
2) A trailer of about 2-5 minutes long.

Since each wedding is unique, each Wed Story will have a different optimal duration, that's why the times are approximate.
11In which format will be our wedding video delivered? And in which support?
My videos are delivered in a digital format, with an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 2,40: 1, in Full HD (1920x1080) or 4K (3840x2160) resolution. If you have special requirements just ask, I can make your Wed Stories in almost every video format available nowadays.

The videos will be delivered in a USB drive or with a personal link to download it.
12How long will you take to deliver us our videos?
The videos will be delivered within 5 months of the reception, from you, of all the information and files (like songs, pictures, etc.), necessary for the video edition.

If you have special delivery time needs, ask me, and we will find a solution.
13Can you also take pictures of our wedding?
I'm specialized in video making and, during the wedding, I remain focused only on the development of my job, which is filming the most important moments for the couple, it would be impossible for me to take professional photos at the same time. If you need a photographer, I know excellent professionals in this field.
14Where will our wedding video be published?
The long version, generally, is reserved exclusively for spouses.

The trailer, on the other hand, can be published, with my personal modifications, on digital platforms (websites, Vimeo, Instagram, etc.), as a form of promotion of my work; or been enrolled in wedding video festivals.

Note: I apply discounts for those who sign the authorization for publication.
15What are your prices?
Every Wed Story is PERSONAL and made in an EXCLUSIVE way, for this reason, I don't have "standardized" prices.

For any further information, please CONTACT ME, I will be happy to answer all your doubts.
16Which type of payment do you accept? Can we pay in installments?
After the sign of the contract, you can settle the payment on cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

Yes, most people pay in installments, if you need it, we can find together the best solution for you.
17Do you also make other types of videos?
Yes, I do. I'm also specialized in documentaries and commercial videos of food and fashion. This is my house production's website: petitescene.com.