Wedding In The Shrine

Cavenago D’Adda (Lodi), Palazzo Pignano (Cremona), Italy


Lidia and Luca’s story…


began 11 years ago, and today the Big Day has arrived for them too.


Lidia and Luca took care of their wedding in every detail, making it full of events and surprises for all their guests.


Commuting their wedding, with many complex scenographic moments, into an emotional story required the commitment of the entire SG Wed Stories Team, who worked simultaneously to share their story in its uniqueness, this is the result.


This is the Trailer of their Wed Story: good vision!


If you too would like a personalized WED STORY for YOUR WEDDING, write me at contact@sgwedstories.com to talk about it together!


“Everyone has a Special Story to tell, even YOU!”



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