Nouvelle Vague

Xochimilco, Mexico City, Mexico.


A 6-month journey…


This was Jérémy’s idea when he, from France, left for Mexico.


These few months have become 7 years, after meeting Alex, a Mexican director.


Today, they are getting married, accompanied by their mothers and by Woody, their hopping little dog, not because they need a signature to be together, but because it is their right.


When Alex and Jérémy contacted me to tell the Wed Story of their marriage, I was very excited, both because Alex is an established director, and therefore the expectation was high, but, above all, because it was my first gay marriage.


I tried to get to know them better, as I do for every Wed Story, to understand their desires, doubts and fears about how to tell their story.


For two great lovers of French cinema like Alex and Jérémy, mentioning the Nouvelle Vague was the most appropriate choice.


Good vision! 🎥


“If you too would like an original Wed Story for your wedding, write to me to talk about it together!” – SG



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