Somma Lombardo, Varese, Italy.


Love is a bridge between continents…


Eva left for a trip overseas and in Bolivia she met Vico.
On her return, she knew she had met a “very special person” and for a year they wrote to each other, talked to each other and waited for each other until Vico arrived in Italy.
Now, after three years of waiting, Eva and Vico are ready to crown their love with a marriage of poetry and simplicity, among trees and flowers, in a social cooperative, on the banks of the river Ticino.


“Eva and Vico asked me for a special Wed Story, simple but different, focused on the messages and poems read during their ceremony. It was a challenge for me to make this video, also because of technical limitations related to the area of operation and audio recording. They liked the result very much and for me this was a double satisfaction”. – SG



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