• Swiss Wedding in Italy

    Maggiore Lake (VA, Italy). Jenny and Nicolas are a Swiss couple…   who chose Italy as the setting for their wedding!   When they contacted me, […]
  • Wedding In The Shrine

    Cavenago D’Adda (Lodi), Palazzo Pignano (Cremona), Italy   Lidia and Luca’s story…   began 11 years ago, and today the Big Day has arrived for them […]
  • Wedding Save The Date Between Photos and Memories

    Brembio (LO).   And the smell of ditches, perhaps only a few recognize it …   During the preparatory meeting with Oriana and Marco, for the […]
  • Outdoor Civil Wedding

    Ripalta Guerina (CR, Italy).   Outdoor Civil Wedding…   In order to be able to tell Oriana and Marco’s Love Story like a ROMANTIC and EMOTIONAL […]
  • A Mother’s Love

    Chiuduno (Italy).   Madison Blake was only 2 weeks old…   when her mother Elisa and her father Andrea chose to make this moving Newborn Cinematic […]
  • Wedding In Winter

    Villeneuve.   Silvia and Francesco fell in love as teenagers…   since then, they have lived, separated from different regions, a very long long-distance love story. […]
    matrimonio inverno castello
  • Wedding
    With Love Letter

    Cremona, Italy.   We will build it together…   What does a couple think in those moments just before meeting at the altar?   The Wed […]
  • Wedding At The Castle

    Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, Lodi, Italy. Chignolo Po, Pavia, Italy.   A medieval castle…   in a rural location between the plains and hills, an arrival with a […]
  • Wedding in the Cathedral

    Monza (MB, Italy).   Monza, the city of Queen Teodolinda…   with its ancient Lombard charm and its imposing Cathedral was the setting for the wedding […]
  • Wedding: VHS Style

    Monza, Italy.   We want it “90s Wedding Movie” style…   When a new couple contacts me, they have unique and personal requests about the perfect […]
    sposi vhs
  • Save The Date
    And Dungeons & Dragons

    Villa Bottini – La Limonaia, Robecco d’Oglio, Cremona, Italy.   Remember that…   Rita is impatiently preparing for a big event, Fabio instead seems to be […]
  • Wedding Dresses On Stage

    Piacenza, Italy.   WEDDING MUSES – Waiting for the “Big Day”   Directed by Simone Gavardi   Wedding dresses: Isabella Spose Executive Producer: Eleonora Stavar Cast: […]
  • Wedding
    With Red Dress
    (Part 1)

    Casalpusterlengo, Lodi, Italy.   I help you, you help me….   Just before “take the plunge”, Alessandra and Devis retrace the moments of their love story. […]
    alessandra devis
  • Wedding
    With Red Dress
    (Part 2)

    Casalpusterlengo, Lodi, Italy. Monticelli Pavese, Pavia, Italy.   The “Great Day” has arrived… let’s enjoy it fully! With this mood Alessandra and Devis lived their wedding, […]
  • Wedding
    By The River

    Somma Lombardo, Varese, Italy.   Love is a bridge between continents…   Eva left for a trip overseas and in Bolivia she met Vico. On her […]
  • Save The Date For Mom

    Santuario Madonna della Costa, Cavenago d’Adda, Lodi, Italy.   The wait is coming to an end…   …The time has passed very quickly and it is […]
    Save Te Date Mom
  • Wedding In The Villa

    Savigliano, Cuneo, Italy.   Friends are like stars…   So it was for Malvina and Pietro who has celebrated their wedding in an intimate atmosphere, with […]
  • Save The Date With Dream

    Bookstore Malinalli, Mexico City, Mexico.   Raúl has invited Evelyn on a trip with the intention of giving her the engagement ring…   …but something hasn’t […]
  • Stroboscopic Wedding

    Jiutepec, Morelos, Mexico.   An incredible mix…   …of oriental architectures, wide open spaces, rock music, and stroboscopic lights, have been the perfect representation of the […]
  • Wedding From Above

    Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.   An incredible journey…   …After 7 years of relationship and adventure, Daniela and Valentín are about to start the most important and […]
  • Wedding Save The Date Between Photos and Memories

    Brembio (LO).   And the smell of ditches, perhaps only a few recognize it …   During the preparatory meeting with Oriana and Marco, for the […]
  • Wedding
    With Celtic Rite

    Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.   Love goes beyond any religion…   …Andrea and Eduardo are a young couple that has decided to get married according to an […]