A Creative Wedding Video is a modern and original GIFT that amazes and entertains the GUESTS at Your Wedding.

Here are some examples of Creative Wedding Videos created for the wedding couples who have already chosen us. To see more: WRITE HERE.

All Creative Wedding Videos feature subtitles in both Italian and English, which can be activated by clicking the 'CC' icon located at the bottom right of each video.

SURPRISE your family and friends with a new and original Wedding Invitation in VIDEO format!

Instead of old paper cards or cold Whatsapp messages, you can send the Save the Date that announces Your Wedding in a completely NEW and PERSONALIZED way!

Your Wedding Invitation can be romantic or fun, depending on your personality, and will create more attention and interest in all your guests for Your Big Day!

For Alessandra and Devis' Save the Date, who better than a little girl to invite relatives and friends to her Mother's Wedding?

A Surprise Video is the perfect solution to ENTERTAIN and MOVE your guests on the day of Your Wedding!

You will be able to thank all your loved ones for their presence at your Big Day, showing them something about you, your history as a couple or the vicissitudes that led you to Your Wedding Day; once again, in a fun and friendly way, according to YOUR PERSONALITY!


In the case of Oriana and Marco, during the preparatory meeting for the creation of their Wed Story, memories of their past resurfaced, among curious coincidences and old photos: this is how the idea of creating an ORIGINAL SURPRISE VIDEO to be projected on the wedding day was born!

A few days before the Big Event, we SENT the guests a VIDEO with a small preview, both to generate curiosity and interest, and to remind them to be on time for the wedding!

Here is the TRAILER of the Surprise Video with which the bride and groom chose to share some moments of their childhood and life as a couple with their guests.

If you want to see the FULL VERSION, which was screened during the wedding: WRITE HERE!

A Creative Wedding Video can also be created on the SAME DAY of the Wedding, as in the case of a MARRYOKE!

The Marryoke Video is the fusion between a music video and a wedding video, in which the GUESTS SING a song chosen by the spouses.

It's a Special Surprise Video that amazes and entertains at the same time!

Are you thinking if it is possible to enclose the EMOTIONS of Your Wedding Day in ONE SONG?

Mara and Dario did it with their Marryoke Video, built around the song “Felicità”, which is not just a word, but has become THE SONG OF THEIR WEDDING!

Here their Marryoke Video:

A Creative Wedding Video will be a MEMORY that will remain with all YOUR GUESTS and, at the same time, it will be a memory that will remain with YOU forever. You will be able to see it again and again after a long time, be amazed and moved by remembering such a significant moment in YOUR LIFE!

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