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Help bridal couples who are looking for an EMOTIONAL TALE of their WEDDING DAY to transform Their Story into a FILM, allowing them to relive and share the experience of that day forever.

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SG Wed Stories is the ONLY Italian Film Production Company, specialized in telling the story of the wedding day

Thanks to our exclusive working METHOD, we transform your Special Story into an engaging film

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Unlike traditional videographers who simply record
Your marriage from an external perspective

We help you share
Your Story in its UNIQUENESS

For you, this means having a memory that will MOVE you every time you watch it again, even years later, and will TELL all the people closest to you about That Day,
who will therefore never get tired of seeing it again.

What the Newlyweds who chose SG WED STORIES say:


    A few days ago, in a difficult moment in my life, Simone sent me the preview of the video of our wedding party; with a bit of fear I prepared to see it, I don't like my image, and therefore I feared that moment.

    Beautiful, no, that's not the right adjective, too banal. It is centered, true, touching, it allows us to relive the magic of that day, to embrace and get excited by looking at those who made it possible for everything to be so special: the people around us. The sterile image of the single is replaced by the rainbow of emotions that Simone and his staff managed to convey with the images.

    Wonderfully imperfect, but extraordinarily true, we laugh and are moved, I would continue to watch it endlessly, and I thank the instinct that led me to Simone, capable of unique empathy."

    Patrizia and Alessandro (Mairago, Italy)


    Simone struck us for the interest he dedicated in understanding our personalities and our history, making himself available to preview the church and location. Only now have we understood how decisive this approach was in the release of our Wed Story.

    As a friend would do, he gave us valuable advice to better enjoy our Big Day.

    We opted for three operators, one of which for aerial shots and in doing so they managed to capture every special moment of the day at 360 degrees, without ever being intrusive.

    The timing for the delivery of the Wed Story presented on a wooden USB stick with our initials engraved, really beautiful and original!

    The first time we saw the video we were literally speechless, reliving every single emotion felt that day from start to finish.

    "My wife remarries every time she sees it"!!!

    It was also a reason to share with friends and relatives who, like us, experienced strong emotions.

    We would like to advise all future spouses to invest in these videos, which, unlike just photos, manage to capture sounds, unexpected moments and conviviality to be treasured in the years to come.

    In addition to the memory of that day, and his excellent work, Simone has deep affection and enormous esteem.

    In conclusion, do we recommend it???? Absolutely yes!!!"

    Lidia and Luca (Secugnago, Italy)


    Simone is above all a Qualified Professional with Experience, he is a serious and reliable person and the Empathic approach is an integral part of his work. He doesn't limit himself to shooting videos (by now we're all good at making videos with smartphones, aren't we?), but he wants to tell the couple's story, he spends a lot of time listening and bringing out the feelings that bind the couple, and I have to say that with us the final result was perfect.

    We asked Simone for both the Save The Date (the video invitation that we shared with our guests) and the Wedding Film: the result was truly magical!

    During the wedding, the presence of Simone and his collaborator was absolutely discreet (I hadn't noticed them!) yet they managed to capture even the looks of the guests and their emotions: the attention was on us as a couple, but also capturing the energy and joy of our family and friends was what moved me most.

    A video is forever, and we can relive that day at any time thanks to the quality of Simone's work. If we went back, we would choose Simone 100 more times! I really invite future spouses to view his social pages and his website, we have already given, now it's your turn!

    Thank you very much, Simone, from the bottom of my heart."

    Oriana and Marco (Brembio, Italy)

  • Bacio sposi


    If you are looking for a professional who turns your most important day into a dream movie trailer, you have found him.

    Simone was present right away, from the first phone call, always attentive and very helpful. He understood, reinterpreted and impressed our requests on film. That memory will remain forever, to look back on anniversaries or perhaps to share and show to your children. It excites us every time we see it again, because Simone was able to steal those moments, those moments full of that feeling that prompted us to say that "yes" ... Expectations, looks, complicity, love, emotion and much more ... In reviewing our video, we found all this, and we relived that day as the first time! Choosing Simone, we also had a friend close to us who was able to advise or help us to ease the emotion or anxiety of that day.

    I vote 10 with honors not only to the figure of the professional, clearly passionate and lover of his work, but also to the person he is, his empathy, his patience and courtesy, but above all his brightness ...

    Absolutely to be included in the professional team chosen for your wedding. Thanks, Simone,"

    Silvia and Francesco (Treviglio / Siena, Italy)


    Simone is the videomaker of dreams.

    From the very beginning he immediately tried to understand what we were looking for, to make a video that represented us, our personalities and our history. He was able to accompany us in the long period of preparation, in a very particular historical moment, always showing himself available and ready to give us his support. Having him as a videomaker for our big day filled us with joy: he was able to capture every important moment, our emotions, the whispered phrases that would otherwise have been forgotten. </ h4>

    Our Wed Story for us is absolutely as we imagined it. Maybe even more, considering that when we saw it for the first time, I cried all the time, so strong was the emotion that allowed me to relive!

    He is a unique professional: he has an attention to detail and work organization that conveys how much passion it is for him and how much he cares to achieve a perfect job. This is not a simple wedding video, in his case, he realizes the story that you would not have been able to explain so well to your children, because only with his images they will be able to really relive the emotions experienced on the wedding day." </ H4>

    Rita and Fabio (Cremona, Italy)


    We were convinced to contact Simone because we saw his works, and they moved us a lot; we immediately found ourselves very much in line with what our idea was.

    Simone is a very precise guy, he cares a lot about what he does, and you can see that he truly loves his job and puts his heart into it.

    He scheduled a visit to our home beforehand, where we could show him the objects we cared about the most, what we wanted to be captured in the video. But above all, to meet us in person and establish a connection with us from the start, which we then found on the day of our wedding. It is very important to be in harmony with all suppliers and understand each other even just by looking into each other's eyes, and with him, we had this harmony from the beginning.

    During the wedding day, it was fantastic because, as he had already mentioned to us, his presence is not noticeable. You focus on your day, and everything is captured without ever being intrusive.

    The final videos moved a lot of people, even those who could not attend our wedding day, and it is always beautiful for us to watch the videos, both the trailer and the longer one; it's like reliving that day.

    Certainly, photography is also significant and serves a practical purpose; it's easier to look at. Still, the video gives you an emotion, it makes you relive that exact moment.

    Simone has been truly incredible for us; we recommend him with all our hearts.

    Laura and Riccardo (Inverno e Monteleone, Italy)


    Simone is a real professional! He was recommended to us by a friend of mine and as soon as we met him, we immediately fell in love with him. We have found a helpful and cheerful person who loves his work. He knows how to make the most beautiful Wed Story imaginable, and every time we look at it, it's always gorgeous.

    The video part of a wedding is really very important, because it allows you to remember and tell what you experienced, which is why we felt confident in entrusting this task to Simone.

    We were looking for someone to personally take care of the film, so that the final product is exactly as you imagined. Simone took care of us in a particular historical moment, giving us strength and positivity, the same you find on your wedding day. His attention to detail is wonderful and we highly recommend it!

    Simone is a special, creative and professional person who creates masterpieces! Thank you, Simone, for having accompanied us with your radiance and availability on our most beautiful day!"

    Rossella and Andrea (Monza, Italy)


    Simone is, above all, a kind and scrupulous person, and this is not to be taken for granted.

    He perfectly understood the mood of the video we wanted to make and put all his creativity and his attention to make it happen.

    The thing I liked the most about Simone is the fact that he is always looking for the peculiar thing that makes your wedding different from the others, to highlight it and make the video truly personal.

    I highly recommend Simone, a serious, reliable, professional and creative person!"

    Giulia and Samuele (Monza, Italy)


    Simone's work seemed perfect to us from the first to the last moment.

    We wanted a very personalized video, simple but different from the ones we had always seen. We were afraid of not being able to find who could fully understand us. Instead, we found Simone and he succeeded!

    Simone is indeed very good at listening to desires and understanding the style that characterizes each couple, and dedicates a good time to this. He is also very flexible and helpful".

    For budgetary reasons we asked, for example, to make the video of the ceremony alone and came a full-bodied and wonderful video!

    Eva and Vico (Italy/Bolivia)


    Simone and his staff immediately seemed to us to be serious and knowledgeable people.

    During the planning, Simone followed us, also giving us advice on the thousand question marks that arose! (especially for the Marryoke 😃).

    While on the wedding day they were precise, professional but at the same time not intrusive.

    One piece of advice I would like to give is that if you have to choose between a photographer or a top videomaker, choose the latter; because the emotions conveyed by the film, made by qualified people, are not conveyed by the photos."

    Mara and Dario (Sant'Angelo, Italy)


    Our experience with Simone was positive from the first meeting.

    We met, she understood our wishes perfectly, and then she made them come true!

    Both Simone and her collaborators were perfect in everything: from the planning to the wedding day up to the post-production of the film, which exceeded our expectations!

    Maximum professionalism, delicacy, and quality. Simone managed to put us at ease and to be an empathetic and reassuring presence. We would choose it a thousand times!

    Carmela & Stefano (Catania/Genoa, ItalY)

  • malvina pietro


    Very professional and really helpful. Simone is a very precise person, he explained in detail his way of working, asking us our needs and giving us valuable advice.

    Any request was accepted and the final result was very exciting.

    Really super recommended!"

    Malvina and Pietro (Cuneo, Italy)

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