I am Simone,
my passion, since I was a child, has always been to tell the events I was experiencing, involving friends and relatives, to make them feel like protagonists. I had the need and desire to share the beautiful emotions I felt, with the important people I loved.
I told everything I experienced in voice, until, one day, I found in the house an old camera of my dad, which he had not used for a long time, and I began to use it to tell, in addition to words, also with images.

So I started filming birthday parties, outings, holidays, and all the important events I lived with my family, realizing that, while with the words I risked losing in the memory these unique moments, with a video recording the emotions lived would remain forever.
With a video memory, I could convey those emotions not only to the people present with me at the event, but also and above all, to those who, at that party, had not been able to attend.
Clearly they were amateur videos, made by a kid like me, which, however, fascinated me to the point of taking me, once I grew up, to decide to train more and more, enrolling in a film school.
After my studies, it was normal and automatic for me to enter the Milanese advertising world, which was the main market of the reality in which I lived, and I started doing this job.
I was working in Milan, with excellent results, but I felt that something was missing. I thought if I managed to become a director, that is to do the job I had always dreamed, in whatever context I had done it, I would have been satisfied.
But I began to realize that my dream no longer corresponded to reality, and I didn’t understand why.
So I decided to go on a trip overseas, to understand if the limit was the environment in which I was working.
I take my gear with me and head to Mexico (where I stayed for 5 years).
Here, I meet, by chance and luck, an established photographer who deals with advertising, and who asks me to collaborate with him, for the video part, in Mexico.
So I decide to stay.
Working in the advertising industry of a foreign country is for me a NEW EXCITING CHALLENGE. Everything is wonderful and fantastic, I find the energy and enthusiasm for this new environment and new way of working.
The first 3 years are truly skyrocketing! Then, once again, I begin to miss new stimuli.
​​I realize that, even if it were a beautiful and fulfilling job, following another person's directives, for me, becomes a repetitive job. The feeling of telling something new, unique, different, special, was gone.
I become aware of the fact that, the thing that spurs and stimulates me most, is always telling NEW STORIES.
The case is that, at that moment, comes the request of a couple of spouses.
I am fascinated by the idea of being able to tell a REAL LOVE STORY, for me, it is an ABSOLUTE NOVELTY and, enthusiastic, I decide to film my first wedding!
Thanks to this wedding I discover that, unlike the advertising world, where everything was standardized and acted, in a wedding, the spouses are not actors who play parts, but REAL PEOPLE who are experiencing their emotions. People with a TRUE STORY to tell, every time different, every time NEW! And for this reason even more Special!
I realize why I was no longer satisfied with the world of commercial videos, because it was fake, emotionless. While it is precisely emotions, with their ups and downs, with their moments of difficulty and crisis, that lead a couple to decide to live a life together.
That’s when I realized that the advertising world, didn’t have the emotions I was trying to tell as a kid.
From that first wedding in Mexico, others begin to arrive and, having never done them, I'm starting to think that if I had followed the way of other videographers and photographers, I would have learned. So I also started to make weddings as they all did: going to meet the couple on the same day of the wedding.
I thought that was the right way, because that was what everyone else was doing.
The more time passed, the more I realized that, with this way of working, something was missing. I missed the knowledge part of the couple's story.
Because I didn't know the spouses. I didn't know their character, their relationships with their family, I didn't know why they had chosen that location or that specific day to get married.
Many pieces were missing to be able to tell in an AUTHENTIC, EMOTIONAL AND ENGAGING WAY, not just their Big Day, but Their entire Story - the path that had brought them there.
It was a feeling that I had been developing for some time, and I had clear confirmation the day when, during a dressing, the father of the groom, started to give life advice to the son.
The father approached him, in a particularly important and personal moment, to tell him some things "between father and son", but the situation was not optimal: the window was open, the television was on, and I, who didn't know about this moment, didn't have a microphone that could capture his words from a distance, so as not to break the magic of that moment.
I felt unprepared because, not knowing about this situation, I wasn't ready to handle it as best I could, and I had to improvise. I was really afraid of not being able to capture that special moment.
I still managed to record that audio, but it's not exactly clear and probably doesn't fully convey the magic and emotion of that moment.
If I had foreseen this, I would have been ready to create the ideal environment. From that moment on, I realized I needed to develop a UNIQUE METHOD that would allow me to learn everything about the couple in order to tell their story at its best.
I had to know all the details of the spouses, the figures, and elements that rotate around the couple, and the characteristics of each environment of their story, just as a director would.
To tell their story in a more complete and emotional way, my method therefore had to include a process of mutual and in-depth knowledge between me and the spouses.
If the spouses do not know me, it is difficult that they feel comfortable not only in saying certain intimate and personal things in front of the camera, but also in living them.
The most attentive video makers limit themselves to getting to know the couple, not making themselves known to them in turn.
In order to allow the spouses to live fully their Great Day and then relive it and share it forever, every time they watch their video, I developed the EXCLUSIVE SG WED STORIES METHOD.
If you want to discover what MY METHOD entails and how it can help you tell Your Wedding Day in an EMOTIONAL and AUTHENTIC way, transforming Your Story into an engaging film, avoiding the usual 'boring and emotionless' wedding video, WRITE NOW to learn more.


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