A New Born Video is a SPECIAL GIFT that new parents give to THEIR CHILDREN, in which, with a video, they talk about the experience and emotions of PREGNANCY, the sensations they felt in becoming parents and what their child represents for them at that precise moment.

Here is an example of a New Born Video created with the SG Wed Stories Method. To find out more: WRITE HERE.

Madison Blake was only 2 weeks old when her mother Elisa and father Andrea chose to make this touching New Born Video; to TELL in the most sincere and delicate way possible the EMOTIONS, JOYS, and FEARS felt by the two new parents at her BIRTH.

The result is a unique and touching story, both for the parents who have had this experience first-hand, but also for Madison Blake. When she grows up, she will be able to be moved by seeing her mother and father when they were young, and herself as a newborn.

Unlike the classic photos of newborn babies, staged with babies dressed up like as "gift packages", which often serve more as a display of the child than a genuine expression of love towards them; an SG Wed Stories - New Born Video is a SYMBOLIC GIFT from the PARENTS to their CHILD. When the child grows up, they will FOREVER have the authentic and exciting TESTIMONY of the LOVE and AFFECTION of his parents, who they will see again as young people right at the moment of his birth.

It is an ORIGINAL IDEA with a very strong EMOTIONAL CHARGE, which is also suitable as a GIFT from grandparents, relatives, or friends.

To create a New Born Video with the SG Wed Stories Method, a PRE-CONSULTATION is required BEFORE the birth of your son or daughter, which is why we recommend booking your Pre-Consultation as soon as possible!

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